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July 31, 2013

Mark Zolden - You

Mark Zolden laying it down hard with 'You'. Awesome track that's worth taking a listen if hardstyle is your style.

Armin van Buuren - Who's Afraid Of 138?! (Photographer Remix)

Only 1:30 long sample but that's all you're going to need to get you excited for 'Who's Afraid of 138?!' by Armin van Buuren and remixed by Photographer.

Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike ft. Wolfpack - Ocarina (Combustibles X SKZ Trapped Out Bootleg)

I'm sure all of you guys have heard of 'Ocarina' it was pretty much an anthem when it was first released, well Combustibles and SKZ took it to another level remixing it and giving it a trapped out facelift. 

July 29, 2013

Break - Music Is Better

Quick edit but good enough for me to post up. Sick DnB action brought to you by Break

July 28, 2013

Tune of the Day: Datsik - Light The Fuse (Terravita Remix)

Epic as hell! Terravita, where have you been!?

Boeboe - Shower Water Burn (G Jones Remix)

G Jones giving us mad 808's on this tune. Definitely a great remix. TheseBeats are dope. 

Mixing Madness: Zed's Dead

Talk about a summer mix, Zed's Dead have put out this super sweet Altered States Summer Mix for your listening pleasure. So sit back, sip on a ice cold drink, and enjoy the sun's rays with this power mix alongside.

Armin van Buuren ft. Cindy Alma - Beautiful Life (Mikkas Remix)

Special sneak preview of Mikkas remixing Armin's 'Beautiful Life' ft Cindy Alma. Powerful stuff here I must say.

Slowdown VS Cinema (Hit Mechaniks Mash)

If you are a big fan of mashups then man oh man you're gonna like these mashed potatoes. HitMechaniks has done a really neat job combining Showtek's Slow Down with the popular vocals from Gary Go's in Benny Benassi's Cinema. If you really like this you should check out their cloud of sound that's loaded with over 50 tracks!

July 27, 2013

Video Alert: Madeon - TECHNICOLOR Teaser

Guys. This teaser by Madeon will make you go bananas. Epic stuff here. Carry on.

Tune of the Day: Kiratix & The Paradox Theory - Blank Space (Phasia Remix)

It may just be a clip but it is good enough for me to say that todays Tune of the Day goes to my man Phasia for bringing in this nasty dubstep remix of 'Blank Space' by Kiratix & The Paradox Theory. Man oh man that drop is filthy. Strap on tight ladies and gentleman, this is just the sample.

Jody Wisternoff feat. Pete Josef - We Are Heroes

Wow. Just wow. Diving in to some house I found Anjunadeep releasing various versions of 'We Are Heroes' by Jody Wisternoff ft Pete Josef this one being the original. 

Disclosure - Second Chance (Bachelors of Science DnB Bootleg)

Super chill drum & bass by Bachelors of Science. That 2 minute pick me up is a good surprise. Well, not anymore. But it's still a good listen anyways!

Soulja Boy - Pretty Boy Swag (Bökken Bootyleg)

I don't know how Bökken busted this one out but it sure is a straight trap banger.

Hardwell Ft. John Martin - Reload Cobra (SunJay Anthem Bootleg)

Super cool bootleg done by SunJay. A little short teaser, but worth taking a listen.

Phuture Doom - Black Acid Reign

Caution: Music from the Dark Arts. Check out Phuture Doom if you like heavy metal and dark beats.

Justin Timberlake - Take Back The Night (Pat Lok 'Day X Nite' Remix)

Pat Lok giving us such a nice summer jam to enjoy, so take a step back, stop what you are doing, take a breather, and combined with these beats enjoy JT's voice.

July 24, 2013

Tchami - Shot Caller

Tchami released 2 new singles just a few hours ago, 'Shot Caller' being one of them. Tune in to some house brought to you by Fooooollllsssss Gooooolllddddddd.

July 23, 2013

Tune of the Day: Midnight Conspiracy - Nasty

Yes. Yes. And Yes. Damn straight this is nasty. Midnight Conspiracy doesn't fail when it comes to bringing out some phat dirty grimey dubstep to the table. TheseBeats are definitely dope yo.

Showtek Ft. We Are Loud! & Sonny Wilson - Booyah

Wild & crazy track keeping up the good vibes. It starts out slow but the energy will build up like no other after a good 2 minutes. Booyah!

Paul Oakenfold - Touched By You (Tom Swoon Remix)

Awesome track done by Paul Oakenfold and remixed by Tom Swoon. TheseBeats are dope. 

Henry Fong, Mike Hawkins & Pablo Oliveros - JUMP!

The drop to this is so bubbly, there's no way anyone can dislike it. Sick tune by Henry Fong, Mike Hawkins, and Pablo Oliveros

Daft Punk vs. Mor Avrahami & Elkana Paz - Get Lucky 2 Me (Morgan Page Bootleg Mix)

Damn sonnn. This bootleg is insane. Holy balls. Morgan Page absolutely killed it on this tune.

Blasterjaxx - Faith

Blasterjaxx on full blasssstttttt!

July 22, 2013

Candyland - Castle Of Affair (Butch Clancy Remix)

Hot off the press, Butch Clancy's trap remix of 'Castle Of Affair'. WARNING: TheseBeats go harrrdddd.

Borgore ft Dudu Tassa - Wayak

Totally different than any other dubstep track I have ever heard yet still bangs! Borgore dropping mad bass in your bass.

Video Alert: Botnek - Through The Night

If you ever wondered what a typical day in the life of a DJ looks like, then great. This music video will show you exactly what goes down. How Botnek gets down.

Tune of the Day: Robin Thicke ft. Pharrell & T.I. - Blurred Lines (Will Sparks Remix)

Quick preview for today's Tune of the Day which goes to Will Sparks for this fresh yet so dirty version of 'Blurred Lines'. Hallelujah!

Fedde Le Grand & Michael Calfan - Lion (Feel The Love)

Another epic tune by Fedde Le Grand & Michael Calfan. This might be just the preview of it but man is it good. Super excited for the full version to be released. 

Greg Cerrone - Can't Stop This Feeling

Pretty sweet electro breakdown on this one. Check it. Done by Greg Cerrrone off of Ultra Music.

Adam Szabo & Johan Vilborg - Two To One

Great feel. Great vibes. Great trance. Adam Szabo & Johan Vilborg are plainly great artists. 

Ak9 ft. Tyler Hunt - Crazy

TheseBeats are massive. Completely destroyed it on 'Crazy'. The amount of wobbles in this is ridiculous! I totally lost it and I'm pretty sure you guys will too.  

Tommy Trash - Monkey In Love

Released a few days ago live on BBC radio, Tommy Trash furthering his love for monkeys and electro. 

Video Alert: BASTO - Dance With Me

Woah woah woah, very interesting video to BASTO's 'Dance With Me. I was a little tripped out about it though. Ok maybe not a little, more like a lot. Definitely made me turn up my speakers on the flip side. Watch and see for yourself. 

Tune of the Day: Tinie Tempah Feat. 2 Chainz - Trampoline (Shift K3Y Remix)

Not even ready for this one Shift K3Y, how about a little warning next time you're gonna drop a banger.

Deorro - Lose It

Deorro, where have you been? 'Lose It' goes hard in the paint. 

Lana Del Rey - Summertime Sadness (Cedric Gervais RMX) {ETC!ETC! Trapped it! Remix}

Lana Del Rey meet trap. ETC! ETC! trap. 

Approaching Nirvana - Tracer

I got a really cool track for you guys here. Approaching Nirvana providing a service for us by giving the people a massive hit going by the name of 'Tracer'. This one is a beauty. Just amazing. 

Barely Alive - Spitball

These are some serious beats yo. If you like dubstep and like to wake up in the morning to some BASS IN YOUR FACE then listen to 'Spitball' by Barely Alive.

Astroshade - Laws of the Jungle

My man Astroshade has released another hardstyle banger, 'Laws of the Jungle'. This track has a fun, joyful vibe to it so step into the jungle and take a quick listen to this one.

July 21, 2013

Wilkinson - Heartbeat ft P Money & Arlissa (Mind Vortex Remix)

Mind Vortex getting their turn in remixing 'Heartbeat' and doing some major damage on it. RA TA TAT.

Jay Z - Tom Ford (KickRaux Trap 2.0 Remix)

Yet another great 'Tom Ford' remix this time done by the one and only KickRaux himself. Check it.

Patrick Hagenaar ft. Sarah McLeod - Magik

Awesome sauce done by Patrick Hagenaar ft. Sarah McLeod. That magic though. 

July 18, 2013

Video Alert: CLMD vs. KISH feat. Fröder - The Stockholm Syndrome

So even though the video has been out for 2 months under CLMD's account, Ultra Records has re posted this video just tagged under them. Regardless, this music video will bring some deep and powerful emotions out of you once you finish watching 'The Stockholm  Syndrome'. Great song. Great video. Check it.

Tune of the Day: Jack Novak - Albatross Ft. Phoenix Rose

Newcomer Jack Novak packing a heavy one here folks. It starts out real slow, ya know, setting the mood for the track. Great vocals follow afterwards adding some flare. Head nodding shall commence at this point. Build up will gradually pick up and next thing you know BAM! you got hit with some sick bass. TheseBeats are definitely dope. 

Blur vs. Reece Low - What's Your Song 2 (MAKJ Edit)

MAKJ kills this edit. Listen to this insane mashup-like track. It'll do you good.

Afrojack - Jack That Body

Released just a few hours ago, 'Jack That Body' has that good electric feel. MGMT knows what I'm talking about.

Mixing Madness: ETC!ETC! & Brillz

If you guys need to get a good trap fix, Diplo & Friends will provide that service for you at no additional costs. Lots of jams on this mix including remixes, bootlegs, edits, and VIP's in this bit. Oh plus a bunch of ETC!ETC! & Brillz tracks throughout this takeover. TWONK takeover.

Synchronice -Threshold

If you are a fan of Porter Robinson, you will like what Synchronice has to offer. They both have a similar style with the way they work with their beats. Either way this electro track is a hit!

Cole Johnson - Dangerous (Mike Newman Remix)

Awesome intro. Awesome buildup. Awesome house drop. Mike Newman is just awesome.

Grandtheft & Skratch Bastid - Miley


Snoop Dogg - Drop It LIke It's Hot (Envoy Remix)

Holy Snoop Dogg! Envoy did not just dare make a drum & bass version of 'Drop It Like It's Hot'. This is amazing, I cannot get over how good this is. Someone call the paramedics. 

Karetus - Gonna Move

Insane dubstep action going on in this one. Karetus has brought the big guns. If you are digging this track, check out their new 5 track EP they just recently dropped packed with more goodies like this one.

Tune of the Day: Bwazza - Tetris (Hardstyle Bootleg)

I feel like I hit the jackpot with this diamond in the rough. Tetris + Hardstyle = This. Bwazza you are a genius!
(Originally posted July 17th)

Mazai & Dolly Rockers - One More Time (Mike Newman & Antoine Cortez Remix)

Mmmmmmm, definitely feeling this one. Can you pass me the syrup?

Tune of the Day: Diplo - CROWN Ft Mike Posner & Boaz Van De Beatz & Riff Raff

The king himself has released 'Crown' just this morning. Diplo you filthy filthy boy.
(Originally posted July 16th)

Tune of the Day: Adrenalize - TBA

Instantly in love with this tune. Major round of applause to Adrenalize for this one.
(Originally posted July 15th)

Tune of the Day: Meg & Dia - Monster (DotEXE 2013 Rework)

Wow. What a change of pace DotEXE brought to the dubstep remix of 'Monster'. Absolutely incredible stuff here. Listen to the original as well, it will make you appreciate this song 10x more.
(Originally posted July 14h)

Tune of the Day: Will Sparks - Ah Yeah (TJR Edit) (Dybbuk Remix)

I'm sure you all have heard TJR's version of Will Sparks 'Ah Yeah' but what I'm sure you have not heard is the hardstyle remix of it. Dybbuk's hardstyle remix. Just when you thought it couldn't get any better oh it does.
(Originally posted July 13th)

Tune of the Day: Michael Jackson - Beat It (Mutrix Remix)

There is no way you can make a better dubstep remix of 'Beat It' from the The King of Pop himself so give Mutrix a boatload of credit for this ridiculous remix. These Beats are definitely dope.
(Originally posted July 12th)

Tune of the Day: Six Blade - Flash Forward

Insane dnb action by Six Blade. Completely insane!
(Originally posted July 11th)

Tune of the Day: Jay-Z - Tom Ford (Gant-Man Juke Rework)

Gant-Man you really are the MAN.
(Originally posted July 10th)

Tune of the Day: Tritonal & 7 Skies - RESET

Tritonal recently dropping this beauty that is sure to make you rage so hard you forgot what year you're in. (2013 I got you.)
(Originally posted July 9th)

Tune of the Day: Flux Pavilion - Do or Die (Flosstradamus Remix)

Floss took this one under their wing and completely turned it into new banger. #TrapForDays
(Originally posted July 8th)

Tune of the Day: Simon Patterson Ft. Lucy Pullin - The One

In love with Simon Patterson's new track coming off Armada Music.
(Originally posted July 5th)

Tune of the Day: Usual Suspects - Killa Bees (InsideInfo Remix)

You might want to watch out with today's Tune of the Day because IT WILL blow up your speakers.
(Originally posted July 3rd)

Tune of the Day: Disclosure - You & Me ft. Eliza Doolittle (Baauer Remix)

Home is where the heart is. Baauer with the MAD DECENT remix.
(Originally posted July 2nd)

Tune of the Day: Motorcycle - As The Rush Comes (Dash Berlin Remix)

Classic tune brought back to life by Dash Berlin. Well done govna.
(Originally posted July 1st)

Tune of the Day: Knife Party - Power Glove (DMNDZ Remix)

DMNDZ completely giving 'Power Glove' a new face, absolutely shattering the original.
(Originally posted June 30th)

Tune of the Day: Audien - Iris

Beautiful track, well done Audien. 'Iris' to me is a fantastic song every second that is played, from the very beginning to the very end. Bellissimo!
(Originally posted June 29th)

Tune of the Day: Major Lazer - Bumaye (Audiofreq Remix)

One of the hottest tracks of the summer, 'Watch Out For This (Bumaye)' is making a grand entrance all over the world. Well, this is the hardstyle teaser from Audiofreq. Caution at 2.30. Don't say I didn't warn you.
(Originally posted June 28th)

Tune of the Day: Deadmau5 - Suckfest9001

Classic Deadmau5. He is the sauce bawse. Plain and simple. Double rainbow all the wayyyy. (Originally posted June 27th)

Tune of the Day: Rusko - Starlight ft Claes Rosen

Rusko switching it up to dnb on this brand new track. Not too shabby. (Originally posted June 26th)

Tune of the Day: Martin Garrix - Animals

One of the most anticipated songs of the summer, this chart topping hit is one of the biggest tracks of the year so far, thanks to Martin Garrix. Look out for a stack of remixes on this tune. A stack.
(Originally posted June 25th)

Tune of the Day: Pegboard Nerds & Tristam - Razor Sharp (VIP)

MASSIVE DROP by Pegboard Nerds & Tristam. Bravo on this masterpiece. Bravo.
(Originally posted June 24th)

Tune of the Day: Tiësto & Dyro - Paradise

When 2 good producers like Tiesto & Dyro collaborate beautiful beautiful music like "Paradise" is formed.
(Originally posted June 23rd)

Tune of the Day: Birdy Nam Nam - Goin' In (Skrillex Goin Hard Remix)

Straight banger! You guys might have to buckle up for this one.
(Originally posted June 22nd)

Tune of the Day: Duck Sauce - It's You

Duck Sauce coming out with this funky fly tune that's sure to get you moving as usual.
(Originally posted June 21st)

Mixing Madness: Cedric Gervais

Cedric Gervais drops a lot of his awesome remixes shuffled in with other great electro/house bangers in this version of his Miamication Podcast.
(Originally posted July 17th)

Mixing Madness: Lucky Date

If you live under a rock and havent't listen to music any music in ages, lucky for you Lucky Date will provide you with the latest in festival bangers and hot tracks played anywhere above that rock.
(Originally posted July 9th)

Mixing Madness: A-trak

A-trak doing what he always does. WIN.
(Originally posted July 2nd)

Mixing Madness: Yellow Claw

This edition of Mixing Madness goes to Yellow Claw throwing down trap for daysssssss.
(Originally posted June 27th)

Mixing Madness: Felix Cartal

Get pumped for this weekend with Felix Cartal dropping it like it's hot for this edition of Mixing Madness.
(Originally posted June 21st)

Warrior Alert: EH!DE

Looks like we got ourselves a new Warrior, EH!DE welcome to the team. Now I got caught by surprise by how good this track is and I betcha you will too. Not only does he have this crazy good track, but about another 30 on his soundcloud so if you are looking for some new underground dubstep I would highly recommend his cloud of sound.
(Originally posted July 14th)

Warrior Alert: Nhato

So todays Warrior is gonna be Nhato, a progressive house legend in the making. Yes, I said it. LEGEND. I dare anyone to disagree with me after listening to his entire soundcloud. 'Moonquake' is just a preview of what this guy brings to the table. Do yourself a favor and press play.
(Originally posted July 9th)

Warrior Alert: Trillwave

Future trap gods Trillwave are impressive handling those 808's kick drums. I guarantee these guys will produce future tracks that will literally make your head explode. LITERALLY. Check em out, give em some love, and listen to this fre$h remix of "What is Love".
(Originally posted June 27th)

Warrior Alert: iNjected

Man oh man, I got another beauty here. Fellow drum and bass producer iNjected has caught my attention with this quick dnb track that I cannot stop re-playing. If your as impressed as I am, check out his other tracks on soundcloud, they are definitely worth a listen.
(Originally posted June 24th)

Warrior Alert: Astroshade

I came across this guy by the name of Astroshade and instantly fell in love with this hardstyle track. It's one of those songs you listen to over and over at first since the beats are so addicting. If he continues making tracks like this man oh man I can already smell success coming around the corner. Keep it up Astroshade!
(Originally posted June 23rd)

July 17, 2013

Jacob Plant - Fire (Dubsef's Festival Trap Remix)

Lord almighty, the trap gods have answered our prayers with this one. Dubsef has remixed yet another festival anthem into a festival trap sensation.
(Originally posted July 14th)

Bro Safari & UFO! - Drama (BeazyTymes Remix)

BeazyTymes is slowly gaining a mad reputation for the amount of work he has put out. Listen to his latest trap remix of 'Drama' by Bro Safari & UFO!
(Originally posted July 14th)

Dimitri Vegas, Like Mike, GTA - Turn It Up (Combustibles Turnt Up Bootleg)

Combustibles turning this festival anthem into a trap banger. Damn sonnnn.
(Originally posted July 14th)

The 40oz Profits - Bang Bang Bang Skeet Skeet Skeet

Dirty juke/trap banger done by The 40oz Profits. TheseBeats are dope.
(Originally posted July 11th)

Appeal - D.I.M.M.

Huge trap banger. Appeal already knows I got them diamonds in my mouth.
(Originally posted July 10th)

Migos ft Drake - Versace (KickRaux Remix)

Did someone order a 'Versace' KickRaux remix with extra trap on the side?
(Originally posted July 2nd)

Skrillex - Ruffneck (Voo&Doo Trap Edit)

These youngbloods named Voo&Doo have an impressive 'Ruffneck' trap remix on their hands.
(Originally posted June 30th)

Big Sean (feat. Buraka Som Sistema) - A$$ (Alex Young Edit)

mmmmmmMMMMMmmmmmmmm, damn son. Alex Young. Keep an eye out for this up-comer.
(Originally posted June 27th)

Kanye West - Send It Up (THUGLI Remix)

Yeezus just rose again, Thugli in control of this sick remix.
(Originally posted June 26th)

Yellow Claw & Yung Felix - Get It Right

Holy Trap! Instant classic yo, Yellow Claw & Yung Felix way to tear it dowwwwn.
(Originally posted June 24th)

Fatboy Slim & Riva Starr - Eat, Sleep, Rave, Repeat

(Originally posted July 16th)

Lush & Simon, Alex Martello feat Brenton Mattheus - Everlast

Lush & Simon will get you HOOKED on this song. Trust me. It's good.
(Originally posted July 11th)

Machel Montano - The Fog (Major Lazer & Grandtheft Remix)

This one going on fog up the place. Fantastic collab work by Major Lazer & Grandtheft.
(Originally posted July 8th)

Sharam ft Honey Honey - My Way

'My Way' to me felt like a psychedelic journey through time and space as I sat back comfortably on cruise control.
(Originally posted July 3rd)

Federico Scavo - Funky Nassau

Federico Scavo delivering. Groovy and moving, 'Funky Nassau' is Funky for sure.
(Originally posted June 30h)

Disclosure - When A Fire Starts To Burn

yes, Yes, and YES. Deep house at it's finest. I'm obsessed!
(Originally posted June 26th)

Ran-D - Twilight Zone

Got another big one here folks, the Official 2013 Q-base Anthem by Ran-D. Enter the Twilight Zone.
(Originally posted July 16th)

Ncrypta - The Prison

Ncrypta with 'The Prison'. Man these beats go HARD.
(Originally posted July 13th)

Alesso vs OneRepublic - If I Lose Myself (StuboCee Hardstyle Remix)

StuboCee working his magic on this gem and turning it into a hardstyle masterpiece!
(Originally posted July 3rd)

Serialz Ft. Pavo & P&H - Summer of Communicate (Serialz Edit)

Loving this tune the instant I clicked play, great job on the edit Serialz aka Phisix.
(Originally posted on July 3rd)

Coone - Colors of Life

Very simple and very clean hardstyle. Coonestyle, for all of you.
(Originally posted July 2nd)

Noisecontrollers - Why So Serious

'Why So Serious' delivers. HARD. Noisecontrollers, why are you so good?
(Originally posted June 27th)

Frontliner - Weekend Warriors (Endymion Remix)

I gotta have the anthem of Defqon.1 on here, but going with the extended remixed version since it gives out that extra kick it deserves. Thank you Endymion, may I have another?
(Originally posted June 27th)

Alvaro & Mercer ft Lil Jon - Welcome to the Jungle

Huge electro house banger filled with energy that I'm sure has been on hundreds of DJ's live sets. Here's Alvaro & Mercer with Lil Jon pumping crowds and welcoming them to the jungle, bitch.
(Originally posted July 12th)

R3hab & Bassjackers - Raise Those Hands

Quick jam by R3hab & Bassjackers. Raise those hands high!
(Originally posted July 9th)

Vicetone ft Jonny Rose - Stars (Kevin Drew Remix)

KDrew on the festival remix. Sick drop and a little extra surprise at the end.
(Originally posted on July 9th)

Will Sparks - Melbournia (Chardy Edit)

Future banger, check out 'Melbournia' hitting you with all kinds of instruments and noises coming from all kinds of directions. Maybe that's just Timmy Trumpet too.
(Originally posted July 2nd)

Dirty South & Alesso feat. Ruben Haze - City Of Dreams (Showtek Remix)

Showtek really hyped up "City of Dreams' in this fun tune.
(Originally posted June 26th)

Mediks - Blown Away (Desmeon Remix)

Desmeon is the man, little did they know. Dat drop. Sick remix that needs more plays!
(Originally posted July 16th)

Elton John - Tiny Dancer ft. Casey Barnes (T-Mass Remix)

T-Mass has remixed 'Tiny Dancer' to perfection on this one. Beautiful. Just beautiful.
(Originally posted July 15th)

Justice - D.A.N.C.E. (PatrickReza Remix)

PatrickReza you slick rick. Bringing D.A.N.C.E. back to life with this glich-hop mix.
(Originally posted July 14th)

Helicopter Showdown and Virtual Riot - Cali Born

It is impossible not to like Heli & Virtual beatz. Especially TheseBeats. That breakdown is just insane.
(Originally posted July 9th)

Felguk - Shine On ft. Infected Mushrooms

Felguk with Infected Mushrooms tearing it down completely. Funky, fresh beats yo.
(Originally posted July 9th)

Jools - Timeline

Newriser Jools with this track that will absolutely blow your emotions away. In a good way.
(Originally posted July 3rd)

Lana Del Rey - Young and Beautiful (No Pets Allowed Remix)

No Pets Allowed absolutely killed it on this one. It's impossible not to like this chill dubstep track. I enjoyed every second of this, thank you NPA. Mad props to this young & talented producer. Flawless Victory.
(Originally posted June 24th)

Raw Theory - Electric City

Yeeeeaaaahhhhhh. Raw Theory came through on 'Electric City'. Classified instant banger.
(Originally posted on July 16th)

Pennygiles - Caught In Your Eyes ft. Jess Brinham

Solid dnb track done by Pennygiles. Well structured quality beats surrounded by great vocals on this one. You guys should bounce on his soundcloud for more great underground dnb tunes.
(Originally posted on July 15th)

Metrik - Between Worlds VIP

Travel through space into another world. A dnb world. Metrik on this rework of a massive tune.
(Originally posted on July 14th)

Sortek & T-Eleven - Sweet Sensation

C'mon now, throw me a frickin bone here. Nonstop action packed thrilling beats coming from Sortek & T-Eleven. Who let the dogs out?
(Originally posted July 11th)

Jaydan - Untitled

Jaydan hits us with this mellow & chill dnb hit so fresh and so exclusive, it's still untitled.
(Originally posted July 11th)

Hamilton - You Had It

Hamilton's new EP is beyond amazing. Straight fire. Money in the bank. 'You Had It' is one for the record ladies and gentlemen.
(Originally posted July 4th)

Drumsound & Bassline Smith Ft Youngman - You Ain't Ready For Me

Yeeeeeaaaahhhh, that dnb drop is beautiful. This track is definitely a banger in my books. Keep an eye out for their upcoming album 'Wall Of Sound' dropping out on July 15th.
(Originally posted July 4th)

Teddy Killerz & Jade feat 2SHY - Blackout

Teddy Killerz coming out with a powerful & dark dnb EP. It was difficult to select a track to represent them since all of them are straight knockouts, but 'Blackout' will give you a good taste of what they can bring to the table.
(Originally posted June 30th)

Chase & Status - Lost & Not Found feat Louis M^ttrs (Kove Remix)

Chase & Status released 'Lost & Not Found' with multiple remixes, my favorite going to Kove for speeding up the tempo and adding more drum kicks. Liked the original, loved the dnb remix.
(Originally posted June 30th)

Enei - The Bonebreaker

Check out Enei and the new 5 track EP he just released just a few days ago. This guy is legit. In fact he's too legit. Too legit to quit. Here's a quick teaser of 'The BoneBreaker'. Sick, I know.
(Originally posted June 30th.) 

Camo & Krooked - Feel Your Pulse (Mind Vortex Remix)

Mind Vortex laying it down hard remixing Camo & Krooked's 'Feel Your Pulse'. This version brings in the right amount of energy making it a dnb beauty.
(Originally posted June 27th)

Nina Simone - Don't Let Me Be Missunderstood (Zeds Dead Remix)

Oh lord, Zeds Dead has done it again. This one is going straight on repeat for sure. That Nina Simone sample is fiya combined with the drum kicks and bass added oooooo weeeee.  
(Originally posted June 21st) 

July 11, 2013

Summer Fun

Artists are dropping mad albums & EP's left and right during this time of year, especially at this time of year so I will continue to upload new content to TheseBeats ASAP. There is so much ground to cover I try to skim through all genres, rinse out the good beats, upload their tracks, and repeat. I've added the 'Updates' section on the right of my blog so it's easier to track down what has been updated with the links. Besides that we should be smoooooth sailing.   :)