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February 14, 2017


While on the hunt for some new music, I stumbled upon a fresh track just released a few days ago titled, "Nomad" produced by a couple of cool cats that go by the name of ORIENTAL CRAVINGS. Completely fell in love with the vocals, the vibe, and the way these guys created such an original and beautiful melody. I completely support them, their remixes, their work, their art it's all amazing. If you guys get the chance to check them out, you totally should you will be blown away by the amount of talent they have. 

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February 13, 2017

Gucci Mane feat. Drake - Both (YehMe2 Remix)

It would be impossible for me not to post such a banger on TheseBeats especially when it's from the homie Joshtradamus aka 1/2 of Flosstradamus aka YehMe2. Very excited to see this man produce once again after a drought due to touring and family. I would keep my eyes on YehMe2 as his upcoming mixtape (Steal This Mixtape Vol. 2) will be dropping within the next few months. But in the meantime, TTFU, blast "Both" off your speakers, and enjoy this tune.

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Bear Grillz X P0gman - Shootout

Yooo, what a collaboration by 2 heavy, heavy hitters in the game right now. TheseBeats was able to catch the official release today and just had to share this new gem. "Shootout" offers that hard hitting bass that will have your head boppin wherever you may be. Take a listen and don't be shy to hit that play button again once you crave some more of it.

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Louis The Child - Love is Alive feat. Elohim

Lots of Chi-Town love for Louis The Child and their newest track "Love is Alive" featuring Elohim. Completely obsessed with the warm and easy going vibe it puts out. If you have not listened to Louis The Child whatsoever you need to change that ASAP and check out the rest of their awesome and amazingly underrated tracks.

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February 12, 2017


After about almost 3 years I decided to return to These Beats and continue to do what I started to do, which is share the best music out there. I will continue to post the latest and greatest tracks that are out there undiscovered in the EDM atmosphere. That means I'm calling all underground, unheard, unknown artists that think they have a shot at getting their music out. -Aurelio