June 23, 2013

Record Labels

Hey guys,

Great news today, the "Major Labels" tab is officially complete! I would have posted more record labels but Blogger only allows me to post a total of 20 pages, I know bummer right. So under those restrictions I have selected what I feel are 9 super important record labels under the electronic music category. I will be updating those pages regularly whenever they release new stuff so check on your favorites now and then.

This section is dedicated to artists who aren't really big or signed or touring or headlining any festivals, who basically have started from the bottom,
BUT I enjoy their music and feel like you guys would too. In the end, that's why we're all here right? I dig through tons and tons of underground artists who continue to produce/remix for the love of it. People with that kind of passion for music deserve to be given a chance so this is my way of helping them. All you have to do is sit tight and enjoy the ride.

Also, I will start fixing the "Genres" section of my blog since it has been under construction for a while now. Here I will pick out what sounds good and beats that are absolutely insane.

These Beats


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